Tuesday, September 10, 2013

TSM: Basic - Extended Edition: drive and storage slots limit

For IBM Tivoli Storage Manager version 5.4 and later, to use a library with greater than 4 drives or greater than 48 storage slots, IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Extended Edition is required.

Friday, September 6, 2013

AIX: migratepv 0516-404 allocp: This system cannot fulfill the allocation request

I have faced issue with migratepv command.
I wanted to migrate PPs from hdisk3 to hdisk2 in same scalable volume group.
Command has failed even there were enough PPs on hdisk2.

migratepv hdisk3 hdisk2
0516-404 allocp: This system cannot fulfill the allocation request.
        There are not enough free partitions or not enough physical volumes
        to keep strictness and satisfy allocation requests.  The command
        should be retried with different allocation characteristics.
0516-132 lmigratelv: Incorrect entry in partition map file.
0516-134 lmigratelv: Received: 00f73e7044ccd502 110

0516-136 lmigratelv: Error reading input map.
0516-812 migratepv: Warning, migratepv did not completely succeed;
        all physical partitions have not been moved off the PV.

I had to run reorgvg to fix this issue.
It seems to be a bug in LVM because I can't see any reason of described behavior.