Monday, December 27, 2010

IBM Redbook - IBM AIX Version 7.1 Differences Guide

This IBM® Redbooks® publication focuses on the enhancements to IBM AIX® Version 7.1 Standard Edition. It is intended to help system administrators, developers, and users understand these enhancements and evaluate potential benefits in their own environments.

AIX Version 7.1 introduces many new features, including:
  • Domain Role Based Access Control
  • Workload Partition enhancements
  • Topas performance tool enhancements
  • Terabyte segment support
  • Cluster Aware AIX functionality
AIX Version 7.1 offers many other new enhancements, and you can explore them all in this publication.
For clients who are not familiar with the enhancements of AIX through Version 5.3, a companion publication, AIX Version 6.1 Differences Guide, SG24-7559, is available.

Table of contents:
  • Chapter 1. Application development and debugging
  • Chapter 2. File systems and storage
  • Chapter 3. Workload Partitions and resource management
  • Chapter 4. Continuous availability
  • Chapter 5. System management
  • Chapter 6. Performance management
  • Chapter 7. Networking
  • Chapter 8. Security, autentication, and authorization
  • Chapter 9. Installation, backup, and recovery
  • Chapter 10. National language support
  • Chapter 11. Hardware and graphics support
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