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AIX - EMC Symetrix Inquiry tool to list - show LUN info for storage

How and where can I see information about LUNs in AIX from EMC Symetrix storage?
Utility is called inq.aix64_51 and can be found in this location: /usr/lpp/EMC/Symmetrix/bin

EMC Drivers / filesets have to be installed:
/usr/lpp/EMC/Symmetrix/bin # lslpp -L | grep EMC
EMC.Symmetrix.aix.rte C F EMC Symmetrix AIX Support
EMC.Symmetrix.fcp.MPIO.rte C F EMC Symmetrix FCP MPIO Support

Scripts and utilities are installed by default:
/usr/lpp/EMC/Symmetrix/bin # ls
bcvfcp.tar emc_odmupdate_uniqueid_v2.tar inq.aix32_51 rdfg.tar
boot_change_v3.tar inq.aix64_51 rmbcv
emc_cfgmgr emcgrab_AIX_v4.2.tar mkbcv
emc_odmupdate.tar emcpowerreset nsddevices.tar

Utility to show device linked to LUN with information like capacity, serial number, ID...
# /usr/lpp/EMC/Symmetrix/bin/inq.aix64_51 -sid -showvol
Inquiry utility, Version V7.3-1009 (Rev 0.0) (SIL Version V7.1.0.0 (Edit Level 1009)
Copyright (C) by EMC Corporation, all rights reserved.
For help type inq -h.


/dev/rhdisk2 :EMC :SYMMETRIX :5773 :xxxxxxxx : 0097B: 75648000 :zzzzzzzzyyxx

Help for inq.aix64_51
/usr/lpp/EMC/Symmetrix/bin # ./inq.aix64_51 -h
Inquiry utility, Version V7.3-1009 (Rev 0.0) (SIL Version V7.1.0.0 (Edit Level 1009)
Copyright (C) by EMC Corporation, all rights reserved.
For help type inq -h.

Usage: inquiry

display types:
-h : display this help screen
-et : display emulation and type info (Symmetrix only)
-ckd : display CKD device info (Symmetrix only)
-page0 : display detailed page0 (only valid with -dev option)
-pagec0 : display detailed pagec0 (only valid with -dev option
and on CLARiiON devices)
-parent : display both PowerPath and OS device relationships
-celerra : display Celerra lable devices
-sid : display Symmetrix Serial Number
-sym_wwn : display Symmetrix device wwn and Serial Number
-clariion : display CLARiiON device information
-clar_wwn : display CLARiiON WWN and Serial Number
-showvol : display Symmetrix Volume Number.
-compat : display old format
-btl : display Bus Target and Lun
-sw_wwn : display StorageWorks WWN and Serial Id
-hds_wwn : display HDS WWN and Serial Id
-s80_wwn : display S80 WWN and Serial Id
-invista_wwn : display Invista WWN and Serial Id
-shark_wwn : display IBM Shark WWN and Serial Id
-compaq_wwn : display Compaq WWN and Serial Id
-netapp_wwn : display Netapp WWN and Serial Id
-hba : display HBA info only. See options below
: display device identifier info (EMC devices only)
-mapinfo : display target mapping information
-emcvdasd : display EMC VDASD device information

filter options:
-no_filters : show every device even if no data available
-f_powerpath : filter - only powerpath devices
-f_pseudo : filter - only pseudo devices
-f_real : filter - only real devices
-f_emc : filter - only EMC devices
-f_ckd : filter - only ckd devices
-f_celerra : filter - only Celerra devices
-f_4k : filter - only Symmetrix volumes < 4096 -f_clariion : filter - only CLARiiON devices -f_storwrks : filter - only Compaq StorageWorks devices -f_hds : filter - only Hitachi HDS devices -f_s80 : filter - only Fujitsu Siemens S80 devices -f_invista : filter - only EMC Invista devices -f_shark : filter - only IBM SHARK devices -f_size : filter - only show devices with <= size in kbytes query options: -skipread : do not request Read Capacity -skipinq : do not request Inquiry data -skipboth : do not request Read Capacity or Inquiry data device options: -dev : do inquiry on specified device
(option will not work for devices that are part
of a varied ON volume group or that may have SCSI
reservations placed on them)
-symmvol : show devices with Symm HEX volume #=
-clar_file : show clariion devices in file

other options:
-no_dots : do not display status dots
-sortoff : do not perform ANY sorting
-sortsymm : sort by Symmetrix serial number (Symmetrix only)

sym_wwn options:
-sid_wwn : the 12 digit SID of the symm for which you want wwn's
-symdev : the device for which you want the wwn

HBA specific options:
-hba : display HBA info only
-fibre : display FC HBA info only
-iscsi : display ISCSI HBA info only
-scsi : display SCSI HBA info only
-hba_file : external HBA file to use. -fibre only
-create : create external HBA file specified by -hba_file
Usage :
inquiry -hba [-fibre [-hba_file ] [-create]] [-scsi] [-iscsi]

Release notes:
Only options listed above are supported, although other options
may continue to work, they are subject to change or removal.

the following parameter changes have occurred
-nodots -> -no_dots
-c -> -ckd
-v -> -page0
-r -> -dev
-s SymmVolumeNumber -> -symmvol SymmVolumeNumber
-xr -> -f_pseudo
-xps -> -f_real
-system -> no longer exists
-emcvdasd -> display EMC VDASD specific information

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