Thursday, October 11, 2012

How to check missing library volumes in TSM using QUERY LIBVOLUME and SHOW SLOTS

Technote (troubleshooting)


Missing library volumes from the QUERY LIBVOLUME output when compared with the SHOW SLOTS output.

Resolving the problem

The QUERY LIBVOLUME command is used to display information about one or more volumes that are checked into an automated library for use by the Tivoli Storage Manager server. If volumes are not checked into the library using Tivoli Storage Manager (via the CHECKIN LIBVOLUME, or LABEL LIBVOLUME CHECKIN=xxxx), the library volumes will not be visible in the QUERY LIBVOLUME output. The command SHOW SLOTS can be used to identify the status of all volumes in the library.
Here is an example:

64 slots total in library
Q LIBV shows 50 volumes.

SHOW SLOTS indicates:
Slot 0, status Cleaner, element number 1025, barcode present, barcode value , devT=LTO, mediaT=387, elemT=ANY
Slots 1-50, status Allocated, element number 1026, barcode present, barcode value , devT=LTO, mediaT=394, elemT=ANY
Slots 51-63, status Full, element number 1044, barcode present, barcode value , devT=LTO, mediaT=394, elemT=ANY

1 slot with a cleaning tape
50 Allocated slots
13 Full slots
0 Empty slots
Total slots=64

Meaning of status fields in show slots:
Allocate -> slots with a volume checked in to Tivoli Storage Manager
Full -> slots with a volume that is not checked in to Tivoli Storage Manager
Empty -> slots with no volumes

In short, there are 13 full slots, meaning 13 volumes are not known to Tivoli Storage Manager because they have not been checked in. To resolve, run the following command which allows Tivoli Storage Manager to recognize these volumes (in a SCSI library with a barcode reader):

If previously labeled:
If not previously labeled:

See Tivoli Storage Manager Administrator's Reference for syntax of CHECKIN/LABEL commands.


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