Thursday, June 12, 2014

PowerVM: network outage during fallback in SEA load sharing environment

Problem summary

  • In a dual VIOS setup where SEA is configured in load sharing
    mode and backup SEA is created over etherchannel in IEEE802.3d
    mode. Rebooting backup VIOS will result in VIO client
    communication loss for  30 seconds.

Problem conclusion

A new SEA attribute "adapter_reset" is added. Setting its value
to "no" will handle SEA physical adapter reset logic in
backup VIOS.


1. Find SEA device and note down its entX device name 
        lsdev -c adapter | grep "Shared Ethernet Adapter" 

2. Say, ent8 is SEA device, change its attribute: 
        chdev -l ent8 -a adapter_reset=no  


IBM Support web site:

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