Friday, February 11, 2011

TSM Operational Reporting - Client Schedules - Status - Restarted, Failed, Completed, Future, In Progress, Missed, Pending, Severed, Started, Uncertain

Meaning of status in TSM Operational Reporting of Client Schedules.

Status can be: Restarted, Failed, Completed, Future, In Progress, Missed, Pending, Severed, Started, Uncertain.


   Specifies the status of the event at the time the QUERY EVENT command
   is issued. Possible values are:
Specifies that the scheduled event has been completed.

Specifies that the client reports a failure in executing the scheduled operation and successive retries have not succeeded.

Specifies that the beginning of the startup window for the event is in the future. This status also indicates that an event record has not been created for this event.

   In Progress
Specifies that the scheduled event is running and has not yet reported the completion state to the server.
Periodically check the status for completion of the scheduled event. If this status is not updated in a reasonable amount of time, review your client dsmsched.log and dsmerror.log to determine why the client did not report the outcome of this event to the server. If the scheduled backup failed, rerun the scheduled
event or perform a manual incremental backup to ensure the data backup.

Specifies that the scheduled startup window for this event has passed and the schedule has not begun.

Specifies that the QUERY EVENT command was issued during the startup window for the event, but processing the scheduled operation has not yet begun.

Specifies that the client has retried processing the scheduled operation.

Specifies that the communications with the client is severed before the event can complete.

Specifies that the event has begun processing.

Specifies that the state of the event cannot be determined. The server specifies Uncertain  if the QUERY EVENT command does not find an event record. An event record will not be found if the record was deleted or if the server was unavailable during the scheduled startup window (the schedule was never started). Records with Uncertain status do not reside in the database. If you do not want these records to display, either specify EXCEPTIONSONLY=YES or delete the schedule if it is no longer needed.

Note: When a scheduled operation is processing, without having been restarted within its specified duration, the Status field shows Started. If the operation continues beyond the specified duration, no event record is created. If a query is issued after the specified duration has passed, the Status shows asFailed even if the operation is still running. After the operation completes, an event record is created, and a subsequent query shows the result in the Status field.

TSM Server help (h q event)

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