Thursday, February 10, 2011

vtmenu - Open virtual console from SSH on HMC

Here is short how to "open vitual console from SSH on HMC"

Login to HMC ant type vtmenu:
hscroot@hostname:~> vtmenu

 Retrieving name of managed system(s) . . . Server-xxxx-xxx-xxxxxxxxx

  Partitions On Managed System:  Server-xxxx-xxx-xxxxxxxxx
  OS/400 Partitions not listed
   1)    Partition name                           Running
   2)    Partition name                           Running

Select LPAR you want to connect:
 Enter Number of Running Partition (q to quit): 1
    Opening Virtual Terminal On Partition Partition_name . . .

Logging to LPAR in progress:

 Open in progress

 Open Completed.

AIX Version 5
Copyright IBM Corporation, 1982, 2009.

Log in to LPAR:
Console login: user
root's Password:

Terminal to LPAR open:
user@LPAR_hostname:/ #

Close terminal on LPAR:
user@LPAR_hostname:/ # exit

AIX Version 5
Copyright IBM Corporation, 1982, 2009.

Close vtmenu and return to terminal of HMC by typing "~." :
Console login: ~.

Confirm by typing "y":
 Terminate session? [y/n]

Confirm by typing "q":
    Hit To Continue, q to quit: q


You are back in HMC shell:


  1. strange, should be working
    so then close session and remove virtual terminal session by invoking command: rmvterm -m Server_Name --id Partition_ID

  2. ~. It works for me but it comes out of the HMC SSH Session

  3. Are you connected directly to HMC or through other ssh sessions? Try to connect via ssh to HMC directly and open vtmenu / vterm.